Why most of my Sedona investors get 20%-30% cash flow and massive appreciation

There are three main reasons why my clients are getting 20% to 30% cash flow.

1) We start with only the best handpicked on and off-market properties that will yield the best returns. Those are the only ones we look at.

2) We strive for the best price and best terms possible to improve upon your net cash flow.

3) Once you purchase the property, the post-close of escrow plan kicks in. Whatever cost effective adjustments boost your cash flow, that will yield the best short and long term results; That’s what we focus on. And we help line up the laborers that are going to be needed- if any are going to be needed, so that it is easy for you. We want your focus to be on making money, rather than you calling 20-30 contractors and struggling to get jobs started.

If you prefer properties that don’t need any remodeling, we can do that too.


Regarding the massive appreciation. I can’t claim any credit for that. That’s just what’s happening in the market right now.

Short-term rental properties are fire hot. The high appreciation is due to very limited real estate inventory and a very aggressive buyer pool. We’re seeing multiple offers. We’re seeing escalation clauses. We’re seeing bidding wars. This activity is driving those prices up and we’re seeing hot and heavy appreciation with no end in sight. 2022 should be a big year for appreciation. Because inventory will be kept suppressed, off-market homes will be more important than ever.


If you have more questions, feel free to schedule a call. We’ll go over what your specific needs are. Whether you’re buying or you’re selling, we look forward to meeting you

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About Chad McMahan

Chad has lived in the Sedona area for over 30 years and been a Sedona realtor for almost 20 years. He is an active local investor and puts his money where his mouth is. Aside from his family, his passion is shared between investing and helping his clients build powerful real estate portfolios.

He specializes in:

1) Sedona luxury real estate

2) Sedona cash flow investments

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